[For NCR BIKERZ] Briefly About “Thati Chettu” and “Thati Munjulu”

Hi, friends this post is about Thati Chettu and Thati Munjulu.

This is a famous tree in south India. It gives “Thati Kallu” village liquor and its fruits called “Thati Pandu”. Thati fruit Contains 3 to four “Munjulu” inside it. They are removed and sold separately.

This is Called “Thati Chettu” with Fruits on it.

Also, see the following video for more information

After taking out the fruits, they are cut, and then the Munjulu removed from it. They are so tasty and very good for hot seasons.

Thati Munjulu Looks like this.


However, the Main use of this tree comes in the form of “Thati Kallu” the village liquor. They climb the tree makes small cuttings on the tree. “Kallu”  drips drop by drop and gets accumulated in pots. Later they will remove the filled pots.


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