Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50 Liter Air Cooler Review Price Comparison


Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50 Liter Air Cooler Review Price Comparison 

Air Coolers are made to fulfill heavy cooling needs in summer. living space, medium to big room, an outdoor area, a shop, office, showroom or banquet hall, An Air Cooler Can Cool any room.

In this review, see working principle of Air Coolers. Features to look in a Cooler before you buy. Read Benefits of Air Coolers. Also See Important Tips for better cooling and Electricity Saving.

Air Coolers are three types. Personal Air Coolers, which are small and can be used by a person at a small room.

Second type is Tower Air Coolers, These are new model coolers, takes very less space due to its tower shape and givers good cooling. 

Third type of Air Cooler are Desert Air Coolers, which generally has a big water tank and powerful motor.

It can cool large rooms easily in short time stays cool for longer periods. As the Summer in India is going to be fierce, you should go for bigger cooler for better cooling

Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50 Liter Air Cooler White

This highly rated Air Cooler is robust in design and can cool bigger rooms easily.  You can keep it on a table near window. No Doubt this is the Best Air Cooler.

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10 Best Air Cooler in India

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  • Its Air throw distance is 35 Feet which very good
  • Air Delivery capacity is 1750 m3/hr
  • It has four way air deflection system
  • You can use 3 speed modes. 
  • Air Coolers deflector also moves automatically
  • Amazing Wood wool pads make the cooling easier
  • Air Cooler is very economical and consumes less power
  • It cools room uniformly at fast rate
  • Very easy to instal the cooler


Tip for better Cooling is always allow for cross ventilation in your room. Without cross ventilation, cooler may not work effectively. This Kenstar Air Cooler is Highly rated Online


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