Best Wet Grinder in India Reviews & Guide [18 Buying Tips]

Hi Friends Do you want to make Fluffy Idly, Vada and Dosa like South Indian Style by simply sitting at your home? Do you want to know Which is the Best Wet Grinder in India with powerful features, yet within budget price range? You found Perfect article and came to the right place.

Choosing a Grinder is not so easy. Don’t worry I will make your Buying Decision very easy with My 18 Amazing Tips & Buying Guide.

Check these Top 3 Extremely Popular Wet Grinders in various categories like Highest Quality, Bestselling Grinder, Best Budget Grinder and Tilting Wet Grinder.

Top Picks in Best Wet Grinders In India 2021

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Important Features to Lookout for in Wet Grinders

Tabletop wet grinders are two types, One is Normal Table Top and the other one is Tilting Tabletop grinder.

The stones used in these machines are exclusively manufactured in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. So, the name comes Coimbatore Wet Grinder

In normal table top model, motor unit and the drum is kept side by side and coupled through the belt. However, in Tilting Table type, the grinding drum is mounted over the motor unit and coupled directly.

Ppopular brands products have somewhat similar features like cylindrical grinding stones, steel drum, transparent lid, 2 Lt drum Capacity, 150 watts motor etc.

However, we will review in detail about how the premium features like Auto Cut OFF Timer, Stone Batter Cleaner, 10 Years Warranty on some of Brand’s products can change your buying decision.

Top 10 Popular Wet Grinders in India 2021 Online

List Of Best Wet GrindersPowerWarrantyCapacity
1. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder150 Watts10 Years2 Liter
2. Panasonic SW200 Super Wet Grinder240 Watts2 Years2 Liter
3. Butterfly Rhino Table Top Wet Grinder150 Watts2 Years2 Liter
4. Premier Lifestyle Tilting Wet Grinder150 Watts2 Years2 Liter
5. Prestige 200 Watts Wet Grinder200 Watts1 Year2 Liter
6. Premier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder150 Watts2 Years1.5 Lt
7. Pigeon Platino 2-Litre Wet Grinder150 Watts2 Years2 Liter
8. Bajaj WX 3 150-Watt Wet Grinder150 Watts2 Years2 Liter
9. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08150 Watts2 Years2 Liter
10. Ponmani Pearl Plus Wet Grinder150 Watts2 Years1.25 Lt

Choosing a wet grinder is not so easy. So, all the important issues were taken into consideration, like warranty, after-sales service, spare parts availability and durability.2 YearsChoosing a wet g2 Literrinder is not so easy. So, all the important issues were taken into consideration, like warranty, after-sales service, spare parts availability and durability.

Explore each and every small feature of grinders that can change your buying decision. Highest rated, reviewed, products with awesome 10 Years Warranty, Top 10 Grinders are han2 Yearsdpicked and reviewed in detail for you.

Various features, like the type of stones, the capacity, the continuous running time of the motor are deliberated upon in detail.

2 Liter

Finally, Highest rated and reviewed 10 products are handpicked from major eCommerce websites. Check out following table for a snapshot of the Comparison between Elgi Ultra, Butterfly, Panasonic, Premier brands.
Before you make a buying decision, let’s start reading My Proven 18 Amazing Tips & Buying Guide.
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1. Ultra Perfect + 2 Liter Wet Grinder Review

To Begin with, Ultra Perfect + Model is the Ultimate winner. No other Brand dares to Offer 10 Years Warranty.

It comes and tons of amazing qualities, features and mad with highest quality ABS Body and rust resistant Stainless Steel Materials.

Rust Resistant 2 Lt Capacity Stainless Steel Drum:-

Besides, it fitted with 2 Liters Rust-resistant Stainless Steel drum easy and healthy grinding.

Moreover, you can remove the drum with batter and store the same drum in the refrigerator.

No need to transfer the batter to another vessel. This Drum is Dish Shaped for better grinding and fluffy batter.

Ultra Wet Grinder store drum in fridge

Patented Conical Stones

Ultra Wet Grinder Patented Conical Stones

Above all, these products are fitted with Unique Patented Conical Stones.

This amazing design makes them grind faster and fluffier.

Moreover, it generates less heat and grinder lasts longer.

This machine has a 150 Watts powerful copper winding motor for longer usage and better durability. It has more than 30 Minutes continuous run rating.

Digital Timer and Auto Power Cut OFF Function

Another amazing feature which is very much required by everyone is Digital Timer and Auto Power Cut OFF Function.

You can set the digital timer for the required time of grinding. After the set time is nearing complete (within one minute of completion), it gives beep sound as an alert that the grinding is about to complete. Press Up/ Down Buttons to adjust the timing.

Digital Timer and Auto Power Cut OFF Function

After the set time is elapsed, Auto Power Cut OFF function comes into action and cuts the power supply without your intervention. This feature is very important, as you can set a timer for say 30 minutes and go start watching your favourite TV Serials. It stops automatically.

It comes with Batter remover, which is another important but simple attachment. Remove batter from the conical stones using this batter remover and store the same drum in fridge or change batter to other smaller vessel as per your convenience.

Optional Coconut Scrapper and Atta Kneader

Additionally it also has has two optional attachments for Coconut Scrapper and Atta Kneader

Optional Attachments

However, these attachments are optional and not supplied with the Ultra Product itself. Attachments should be purchased separately as per your requirement.

Together, the bigger Atta Kneader attachment along with 2 Lt steel drum can make Atta dough easily for whole family consisting of more than 5 members.

If you like coconut scrapping like the old style, not just making small pieces and grinding in a normal mixie, this amazing attachment can scrap coconut as old style and the chutney will be tastier than ever.

Verdict:- With stunning features like 10 Years warranty, Digital Timer, Auto Cut OFF function, Coconut Scrapper and Attakneader, etc no doubt, Ultra Perfect + 2 Liter Model is the most popular Grinder in India. I have myself bought this for myself using it for one year. See Unboxing Demo and Dosa Batter Preparation in this Video

Elgi Ultra Perfect + Wet Grinder Unboxing Demo & Review

Starting from Unboxing, you can see How to Prepare Dosa Batter for Crispy Dosa and Fluffy Idly.

  • Stunning 10 Years Warranty
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Drum
  • Electronic Digital Timer
  • Auto Cut OF Timer Function
  • 2 Patented Conical Stones
  • Easy Batter Remover
  • Powerful 150 Watts Motor
  • Coconut Scrapper & Atta Kneader (Optional attachments)
  • You can not buy another Grinder for 10 Years even if you wish

How to Prepare Smooth Idli Batter in Ultra Wet Grinder

To begin with, preparing the smooth batter and Fluffy Idli, Dosa and vada is an art. However, you can also do this very easily with Ultra Grinder.

Ultra Company itself has given some tips on making batter smooth. Most Importantly, you must soak rice and Dhal for some time before grinding them.

Ultra instructs to grind Rice and Dhal separately for better results. However, you can grind both rice and dhal at the same time mixed. I am myself using this product at my home.

Check Following table for General instructions on the ingredients and their grinding time etc.

This table was prepared by Ultra Brand in their Instruction Manual. However, the same quantities can be used with all wet grinders.

IngredientsMin/ Max QtyMeasurements before Soaking (Dry)Soaking Time (Min)Add WaterGrinding Time
Raw Rice Or Boiled RiceMin170 gms4 Hrs170 ml10-15 Min
Raw Rice Or Boiled RiceMax1250 gms4 Hrs1250 ml20-30 Min
Urad DhalMin65 gms2 Hrs30 ml10-15 Min
Urad DhalMax312 gms2 Hrs620 ml20-30 Min

Ultra Wet Grinder Models Review & Features Comparison

Ultra Brand Manufactures quality products in different capacity and sizes. Moreover, they come in sizes like 1.25 Lt, 1.75 Lt, 2 Lt and 2.5 Liter Capacity.

Most Of the features remain the same. However, there are some differences between these products. So, select a product that suits your wet grinding requirements and depending on the size of the family.

Check the following table for Ultra Grinder Types, Sizes and Price & Feature Comparison. Ultra Perfect + model is the overall best.

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2. Panasonic SW200 Super Wet Grinder Review

To begin with, Panasonic MK-SW200 Ultimate Model comes in two beautiful colours grey and white. It is made with all required features and highest quality workmanship.

It also has a never seen unique feature Namely, 3D Alpha Flow technology that gives 15% more efficient grinding and fluffy batter.

By the way, It also comes with powerful 240 Watts motor and a stainless steel food grade drum for batter grinding. Additionally, it is light in weight and its compact design takes very less space in your kitchen.

Panasonic wet grinder 3D Alpha flow technology
3D Alpha Flow technology

Besides, its Auto Shut OFF switch works perfectly and easy switches OFF the machine onset timing. Set the timer as per your required grinding time and relax by watching TV Serials. It Stops automatically after the time completes.

Panasonic wet grinder Auto Cut off timer switch
Panasonic grinder Auto Cut off timer switch
Panasonic wet grinder Convenino Inlet water
Panasonic grinder Convenio Inlet water
With its amazing and convenient feature “Convenio Inlet” water can be added to the batter even while the grinder is in the process of grinding. No need to remove Lid and add water.

Additionally, you can easily mix the batter with a spatula while the grinding is in progress without even opening the lid. A small slot is given on the lid to insert spatula and mix the batter

Important Features
  • Automatic Stop Timer
  • 240 Watts Capacity
  • Lighter Grinding Stones
  • Easy top lock
  • Anti Slip HTD Belt
  • Food Grade Steel Drum
  • Overload Protector
  • For Same Price Ultra Perfect+ Grinder has 10 Yr Warranty
Imporatant Features
  • Convenio Inlet for adding water without opening Lid
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Drum
  • ELight Weigt Body
  • Compact Design
  • Cylindrical Stones
  • 2 Years Warranty on Product
  • See through Transperant Lid
  • Price is slightly on higher side

Panasonic Table Top Wet Grinder Demo Features Review

See in Action: Amazing Convenio Inlet to add in between grinding and Automatic Stop Timer.

Circuit Breaker which is also called overload protector cuts the power supply and stop the motor in the event of motor overloading.

Remove excess content from the drum close the lid and then press protector switch. Now you can run the machine as usual.

It also comes most required feature warranty for 5 years and trouble free service and rectification.

Verdict:- This is the Best Panasonic Wet grinder with unique and premium features. Features like 3D Alpha Flow technology, Safety interlocking, Circuit breaker, see-through lid, Auto Cut OFF Timer and Convenio Inlet for adding water without opening lid makes your grinding experience amazing. So, with these stunning features, this is the awesome Wet Grinder

The Panasonic Super Model Demo Review Video in |Teugu|Tamil|Kannada|Malayalam|

Panasonic Wet Grinder Models & Features Comparison

The Panasonic Brand brings its range of grinders in different modes and features.

Most of the features of Panasonic wet grinders remain the same. However, some differences like with or without atta kneader, coconut scraper and Auto Timer. But, Panasonic does not provide Atta Kneader or Coconut scrapper.

Panasonic Brings three varieties of Grinder Models. There is a difference of around Rs 2000 between these SW and GW grinder models.

  1. Panasonic SW200 Black
  2. Panasonic SW200 White
  3. Panasonic GW200 Black
  4. Panasonic GW200 White
  5. Panasonic SW210 (Newest Arrival)
Explore popular features of these grinders and make out your buying decision. See differences between their Models, Types and Price Comparison.
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3. Best Butterfly Table Top Wet Grinder Models Review Price Comparison

Check following Best Butterfly Wet Grinders. Butterfly brand is the most popular and all the grinders of this brand are bestselling online. Moreover, all the Butterfly Grinders comes in a very customer friendly budget price range.

Generally, Butterfly also offers Atta Kneader and Coconut scrapper with some butterfly models. The Cost of these products is very less if compared to premium brand Ultra.

Its Stainless steel Drum of 2 Liter capacity and 150 Watts Powerful Motor is sufficient for home grinding needs. Grinding drum has a polycarbonate transparent Lid for closing the drum while grinding. Moreover, you can always look inside the drum while the grinding is in progress.

Butterfly Matchless Pro 2 Lt grinder and Butterfly Matchless Plus 2 Lt grinders come with amazing 3 stones with conical shape for faster grinding and long life of the machine. All other models use 2 Cylindrical Stones.
Wet grinder with 2 Cylindrical Stone Wet Grinder
2 Cylindrical Stones
Wet grinder with 3 Conical Stone Wet Grinder
3 Conical shaped Stones

Similarly, Butterfly Matchless Pro 2 Lt grinder and Butterfly Matchless Plus 2 Lt grinders have a locking arm mechanism to lock the stainless steel grinding drum and the motor unit. All other models have no arm for locking.

As far as the warranty is concerned, all the butterfly grinders offer only 2 years of warranty on motor and 2 years warranty on the whole product.

Butterfly Matchless Pro 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder
Butterfly Matchless Pro
Butterfly Matchless Plus 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder (Cherry)
Butterfly Matchless Plus

Likewise, Butterfly Matchless Pro 2 Lt grinder and Butterfly Matchless Plus 2 Lt grinders come with shockproof ABS body and detachable stainless steel grinding drum for storing after use.

Verdict:- Butterfly brand Offers all Standard features and quality and assurance. This is the Best Butterfly Wet Grinder in Budget Price Range. Also, this product is the Bestselling selling grinder

Butterfly Rhino Table Top Wet Grinder Demo Review

Best Budget Wet Grinder with amazing features and warranty

  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Quality Stainless Steel Drum
  • Capacity is 2 Liter
  • 2 Cylindrical Stones
  • 150 Watts Motor
  • Shcock proof ABS Body
  • Best Budget Wet Grinder
  • No Atta Kneader and Cocont scrapper

Butterfly Wet Grinder Models & Features Comparison

Butterfly Brand brings amazing quality wet grinders in different models with a different type of stones. All butterfly grinders come in 2 Lt capacity, 150 Watts motor and 2 Years warranty.

Most of the features of all butterfly products remain the same. However, some differences like comes with or without atta kneader and coconut scraper and some grinders use 2 cylindrical stones, while others use 3 conical shaped stones for better and faster grinding.

So, choose your Grinder from these models within Budget based on your grinding needs, family size and frequency of making idly and dosa.

Explore this amazing table for Best Butterfly Grinder Models, Types, and Price Comparison. Butterfly Rhino Grinder Model is the Budget Wet Grinder.

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Best Tilting Tabletop Wet Grinder in India Reviews

As you know that wet grinders are 2 Types Normal tabletop and Tilting tabletop. Ultra Wet Grinder and Butterfly grinders are normal tabletop grinders. However, SS Premier Brand and some other brands make Tilting Wet Grinders.

In Tilting grinders, the grinding drum along with the motor unit can be tilted to the side and the batter can be easily removed from the drum. However, in normal grinders, taking out the batter is a cumbersome act.

In Normal grinders, motor unit and the grinding drum is connected by a belt and both are placed side by side. However, in Tilting grinder, both motor unit and grinding drum are connected directly.

However, due to the tilting mechanism, the grinder can not be sturdy during operation as compared to normal grinders. Moreover, the nuts and screws of tilting mechanism may get damaged.

4. Premier Lifestyle Tilting Wet Grinder

Premier wonder tilting wet grinder specializes in tilting grinders. This product can be tilted in around 60 degrees downwards to easily remove batter from the drum.

With amazing 2 cylindrical stones, 150 Watts motor and 2 Lts capacity this premier wet grinder is amazing and stunning tilting type grinder.

Shock roof ABS body and rust proof stainless steel drum can make you buying decision correct.

The motor and the drum are coupled directly to each other, so no power loss at the driving belt. Moreover, it consumes less power as compared to belt-driven grinders.

Premier wonder tilting wet grinder
Verdict:- The Tilting Type Mechanism helps in batter removal and makes it very easy task. With these amazing features like 2 Lt capacity steel drum, 150 Watts powerful motor, 2 cylindrical stones, this is the Best tilting Wet Grinder in India with tilting function at this Price Range
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5. Prestige 200 Watts Wet Grinder

Prestige PW200 is another Best Tilting Wet Grinder from popular prestige Brand. Its 200 Watts motor and 2 Liter capacity of the grinding drum sufficient for family needs and makes it an amazing pick in tilting type grinder.

This grinder has the HIghest quality 2 cylindrical stones with extra thickness for better and faster grinding. Moreover, its operating noise levels are very low in the range of 50-60 dB.

This machine has an amazing tilting mechanism which can be locked in 4 tilting positions as per your convenience. So, removing batter from the grinding drum is very easy. Moreover, it has a sturdy and complete stand sturdiness.

It saves so much of your kitchen due to its unique standing design and can be easily stored in kitchen racks. Additionally, it also comes with a Coconut scraper and Atta kneader attachment.

Prestige gives Only 1 Years warranty on the complete wet grinder and amazingly 5 years warranty on the motor.

Verdict:- Amazing Tilting mechanism with full bottom for better support. Comes with stunning features like 2 Liter drum capacity, 200 Watts motor, 5 Years warranty on the motor and coconut scraper & atta kneader attachments. So, with these features, this Prestige Tilting grinder is also the Best Prestige Wet Grinder in India at this Price Range
  • 5 Years Warranty on motor
  • Stainless Steel Drum of 2 Lt
  • Tilting function with 4 tilting positions
  • 2 Cylindrical Stones
  • 200 Watts Motor
  • Atta Kneader and Coconut scrapper attachments
  • Best Prestige Tilting Wet Grinder
  • Price little higher side
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6. Premier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder

Premier Wonder Table top wet grinder has a unique standing design in which grinding drum coupled with the motor directly above. However, it’s not a tilting type.

Its power capacity is 95 watts and grinding drum capacity is 1.5 Liters so, perfect fit a small family consisting of 3 to 4 members. This wet grinder consumes very less power due to its 95 Watts capacity motor.

The body is made of ABS material and the drum is made up of food-grade stainless steel. There are two cylindrical shaped stones for better and faster grinding. Moreover, these pressure controlled rolling stones avoid overheating and keeps nutrients intact.

As far as warranty is concerned, premier offers an only 1-year warranty, while other brands offer at least 2 years of warranty.

Verdict:- Premier wet grinder comes with 95 Watts capacity and has a unique design. No other grinder comes in this design. In other grinders, motor and drum are placed side by side and in tilting grinders drum directly placed on the motor.

However, Premier grinder is an only non-tilting type and motor and drum coupled directly. Due to its 1.5 Liter size and all other features, it’s a great pick for a small family. This is a Best Premier Wet Grinder in a standing type model in this price range.

  • Only 1 Year Warranty
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Drum
  • 1.25 Capacity grinder
  • Comes with 2 Cylindrical Stones
  • Only 95 Watts Motor
  • ABS Body easy to clean
  • Best standing type Grinder
  • No Atta Kneader and Cocont scrapper
  • Price is on little higher side for 1.5 Lt Capacity
  • No Auto Cut OFF Timer
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7. Pigeon by Stovekraft Platino 2-Litre Wet Grinder Review

Pigeon Platino Wet grinder is an amazing pick with beautiful aesthetics and colour combination. Moreover, Pigeon gives amazing 5 Years warranty.

Its stunning ABS body is shock proof and very easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, its grinding stones are non absorbing and free from contamination.

I am quite astonished by this grinder, Premier gives Atta Kneader and Coconut scrapper with this wet grinder. Moreover, it also gives 5 Years warranty on the motor. Unbelievable offer in this price range.

Also, comes with an extremely powerful motor of 150 Watts capacity and double ball bearings for smooth operation and longer life. Moreover, its unbreakable see-through transparent lid id made of Polycarbonate material.

Highest quality food-grade stainless steel drum of 2 Liter capacity is very healthy and safe. Moreover, the grinding drum easily detachable for cleaning or storing the batter.

Verdict:- Pigeon is a popular brand. It’s fully loaded with amazing features like 2 Lt Capacity, 150 Watts motor, 5 Warranty on Motor, food-grade Steel drum, most importantly Atta Kneader and Coconut scrapper. With these extreme qualities and beautiful aesthetics, Pigeon Platina Grinder becomes the Best Pigeon Wet Grinder in India at this price range. If you want to buy a Grinder, this the one you are looking for.
  • Amazing 150Watts Capcity
  • Food grade steel drum
  • Non contaminating grinding stones
  • Unbreakable see through Lid
  • Atta Kneader & Coconut Scrapper
  • 5 Years warranty on motor
  • No Auto cut OFF Timer
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8. Bajaj WX 3 150-Watt Wet Grinder

Bajaj WX 3 wet grinder comes with full power from its stunning High Torque Induction Motor of 150 Watts. Its high-quality roller stone assembly grinds the batter very smooth.

Stainless steel drum capacity of 2 Liters is more than enough for a family of 4-5 members. Its also Lighter in weight weight and compact design. It fits in smaller kitchen easily in a corner.

Its glassy super fine finish comes from ABS body which is too easy to clean and maintain. The spatula is always provided with every grinder. Moreover, its 5 Years warranty on motor and 2 Years warranty on the grinder makes your after-sales period trouble-free.

Verdict:- It has general grinder features like 150 Watts motor, steel drum, 2 rolling stones, 5 Years warranty, This is best Bajaj Wet Grinder
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • 2 Liter Drum capacity
  • 2 Cylindrical Stones
  • Powerful 150 Watts Motor
  • Glassy clean ABS Body
  • Atta Kneader and Cocont scrapper not available
  • No Auto Cut OFF Timer
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9. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08

To Begin with, its designer body with beautiful colour combination makes your kitchen look amazing. Not only looks its powerful motor grinds consistently for faster and tastier batter than any machine.

Safest stainless steel drum makes nice and smooth batter which is also very safe and healthy. Do you have a small kitchen? No worry, this small and compact model perfectly fits in smaller kitchens also.

With a capacity of 2 litres, you can make Idly, dosa batter for entire family members for 3 days breakfast. Even you can store batter in the drum in refrigerator after grinding.

Prestige 1-year warranty on product and 5 years warranty on motor makes you tension free about the motor problems and issues in future

Verdict:- This Prestige model has all important and must and should features, like all other models. However, its amazing and beautiful designer body and aesthetic makes it popular Wet Grinder
  • 1 Year Warranty on wet grinder
  • 5 Year Warranty on Motor
  • 2 Liter capacity
  • Designer Body and Looks
  • 150 Watts Motor
  • Popular Wet Grinder
  • No Atta Kneader and Cocont scrapper
  • Auto Cut OFF timer not available
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10. Ponmani Pearl Plus 1.25 litres Table Top Tilting Wet Grinder

Ponmani Brand is also a popular brand that manufactures these products since 1985. This brand is so popular in Tamil Nadu.

Astonishingly Ponmani makes around 11 different models. Ponmani Pearl Plus 1.25 litres Table Top Wet Grinder is a popular pick and same model also available in 3 Liter Capacity for a bigger family.

While other brands supplies Atta Kneader and Coconut scrapper with only some models or these attachments are optional. But, If you buy any Ponmani item, you will get these attachments free.

Ponmani Pearl Plus Table Top Tilting Mini Wet Grinder is a mini model with a sufficient capacity of 1.25 Liters. Moreover, its an amazing Choice for a Small family.

Not only this, but it also comes with easy to clean ABS body and multi-utility drum. Additionally batter cleaner adds delight to your grinding experience. Finally, 5 Years warranty make your mind very relaxed.

Verdict:- It has stunning features like 1.25 Liter drum capacity, 150 Watts motor, 5 Years warranty. Also, it comes with coconut scraper & atta kneader attachments. So, with these features, this Ponmani Pearl Plus 1.25 litres Table Top model is the Best South Indian Grinder in tilting type at this Price Range
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Capacity of 1.25 Liter
  • Tilting function
  • 2 Cylindrical Stones
  • 150 Watts Motor
  • Atta Kneader and Coconut scrapper attachments
  • Best Ponmani Tilting Grinder
  • No Auto Cut OFF Timer
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Wet Grinder Buying Guide | 18 Buying Tips

This is an ultimate wet grinder buying guide available on the internet. Each and every feature of wet grinder, safety tips, maintenance guidelines, warranty, safety etc.

You will find solution to any problem/issue about wet grinder. Let’s start reading it and Buy awesome Wet Grinder in India for your home at Budget Price range yet with amazing features like 10 Years Warranty and Auto Cut OFF timer etc.
[wpsm_comparison_table id=”29″ class=””]

1. What are the Types Of Wet Grinders available?

Wet grinders are commonly used for making Urad Dal/ Rice Batter used for mot popular south Indian dishes like Idli, Vada Dosa etc. Broadly, there are four types of wet grinders available.

  • Traditional Stone Wet Grinder
  • Table Top Wet Grinders
  • Table Top Tilting Wet Grinders
  • Heavy Commercial Wet Grinders

Traditional Stone Wet Grinders are used in early days, even now they are being used in villages and small towns.

Table Top Wet Grinders also same stones inside the stainless steel drum and serves the same purpose. However, These are smaller, easy to use and powered by an electrical motor. Moreover, Tabletop Wet grinder is fit for home use.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”21″ class=”center-table-align”]

Tilting Wet Grinders also uses the same stones used for making the batter. However, in tilting wet grinder, Batter grinding drum can be tilted for removing batter very easily.

Heavy Commercial Wet Grinders are used for commercial purposes and in hotels, restaurants etc.

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2. General Features of Wet Grinders

Here we are discussing only Table Top wet grinders and Tilting Table Top Wet Grinders. All types of wet grinders available in the market today have similar and identical features.

Most important features of wet grinders are the size and capacity of the wet grinder is, how much ingredients you can grind without spilt out of the drum. The grinders are available in 1.25 Lt, 1.75 Lts and 2 Lt capacity.

Type and the number of stones is also an important feature to look into, some wet grinders have two stones and some wet grinders have three stones. Some Brands uses cylindrical stones and some uses conical stones.

The wet grinder must have copper wound motor and overload protection to save the motor from overload current and ensures long life.

Some brands makes special attachments like Coconut scrapper and Atta Kneader, which can be bought separately.

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3. Which is the Best Wet Grinder Brand in India?

There are so many popular and ISI mark Brands are manufacturing modern, durable wet grinders with amazing features and accessories. However, the following brands are most popular.

List Of Wet Grinder Brands
  • Elgi Ultra
  • Prestige
  • Butterfly
  • Premier
  • Bajaj
  • Panasonic

So among the brands mentioned above, Elgi Ultra, Butterfly, Premier and Prestige are popular Brands and makes various types and sizes.

1. Elgi Ultra Brand:  Ultra Appliances are a Mixure of Quality, Precision & Durability

Ultra is part of Elgi Ultra Ltd. Ultra manufactures various high-quality mixer grinders and other kitchen appliances. All Ultra products are made with extreme care and the highest quality materials for healthy and better cooking.

Ultra is the Only Brand that Offers 10 Years Warranty and Digital Timer Auto Cut OFF Function on their flagship product Ultra Perfect + Wet Grinder. No Other Brand dare to Offer 10 Years warranty.

2. Butterfly Brand: Offers Quality in Budget Price Range

Butterfly Brand is a popular kitchen appliance. This is the first brand to acquire the ISO 9002 certification. All the popular kitchen appliances bear amazing quality, yet within the reach of every customer.

Butterfly brand is becoming popular with their kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinder, grinders, Gas Stoves and cookware etc.

How to Choose a Wet Grinder? Brand Comparison

Most popular brands are compared here based on the Quality and type of materials used in manufacturing, warranty, special features and attachments etc.

The Winner of Great Brand in India comparison is Elgi Ultra Brand.
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4. How Much Capacity Of Wet Grinder is Best for Home?

Capacity of wet grinder is a very important aspect to look out for. Wet Grinders are available in various capacities for different sized families.

Wet grinders are available in 1.25 Lt, 1.75 Liters, 2 Liters and 2.5 Liters also. However for a small family of 3 to 4 people and the occasional making of idly and dosa, then 1.25 Liters wet grinder is sufficient.

If your family consists 4 to 6 members and frequently makes idli and dosa, then go for 2 Liters Wet Grinder Capacity. Check out various sizes and types of Ultra Wet Grinders with 10 Years warranty in this Ultra Wet Grinder Size Comparison Table.

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5. What is Continuous Run Rating?

The time a motor runs for some time period continuously with out getting overloaded or trip OFF is Continuous Run Time Rating. More the running time then more durable and safe for longer usage.

Continuous running rating of wet grinder is of an utmost important feature because grinding Urad dal and rice can take longer than 30 minutes. So, wet grinder must have at least 30 min continuous running rating to be a popular Wet Grinder in India.

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6. Type/Number and Shape Of Wet Grinder Stones

There are different types of stones are fitted in wet grinders. Generally, most machines are using 2 Cylindrical stones.

However, some popular Brands like Elgi Ultra are using Patented conical stones for better contact and easy grinding. Some Other Brands like Bajaj making unique 3 Conical stones.

However, there is no big difference in them, all the wet grinders works the more or less same way.
Wet grinder with 2 Cylindrical Stone Wet Grinder

2 Cylindrical Stones

Wet grinder with 2 Conical Stone Wet Grinder

2 Conical Stones

Wet grinder with 3 Conical Stone Wet Grinder

3 Conical Stones

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7. Type Of Motor and Overload Protection

The motor should be of copper winding and powerful and should take the continuous load of the wet grinding very easily. However, at times when the machine gets overloaded, there should be some protection.

Here comes to save the Overload Protector. Overload Protector cuts the power supply to the machine and saves it from high voltage fluctuations and heavy current.

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8. Speed Settings and Auto Cut OFF Timer

There are no seed settings, they normally operates in low speed but operates continuously for 30 or more minutes. So, there is no need for speed settings.

Auto Cut OFF Timer is a device fitted, only you need to Set timings of operation, then Auto Cut OFF timer stops automatically at the end of the time period.

However, Only Some Premiumproducts like Elgi Ultra Perfect + Wet Grinder (10 Years Warranty) only has Digital Timer and Auto Cut OFF Timer Function.

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9. Optional Wet Grinder Attachments

Some of the grinders generally manufacture optional attachments like Coconut Scrappers and Atta Kneaders.

These amazing attachments can make your wet grinder as an Atta Kneading machine and even you can scrap coconut for making tasty chutney.

Above two attachments are used with Ultra Grinders as Atta Kneader and Coconut Scrappers.

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10. Running Speed and Noise Levels

Its Running Speed is very less as compared to Normal Mixer Grinders. Operating Speed of Mixer grinder is around 20000 rpm, However running speed of grinders is in the range of 1400 Rpm without any load.

In brief, the speed of grinders under full load conditions is 135 to 140 Rpm only. Because grinders need to run for more time grinding at slower speeds, while Mixer Grinders runs at high speeds for faster grinding of ingredients.

If you are interested in Top 10 Best Mixer Grinders in India, then Check my Google Top Ranking Article Best Mixer Grinder in India Reviews [18 Killer Tips & Buying Guide]

11. Overall Cost & Budget of Wet Grinder

Grinders are available in various price ranging from Rs 3000 to Rs 9000. Based on various features, brands price keeps on changes. Butterfly grinders are the cheapest and bestselling with all required features.

Butterfly Rhino Table Top Grinder is available at approx Rs 3200, Butterfly Smart Grinder has priced approximately at Rs 3100. However, the highest quality Grinder in India Ultra Perfect+ Grinder with 10 Years Warranty and Auto Cut OFF timer is priced at around Rs 8500.

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12. Warranty and Its Terms & Conditions

Warranty is the most important aspect to look into. After analysing various brands and their warranty features, I came to a conclusion about warranty features and terms and condition.

Ultra Brand Offers an amazing 10 Years Warranty on its single Product called Ultra Perfect + 2 Liter, However, all other grinders from Ultra brand offers only 5 Years warranty.

All other brands like Butterfly, Bajaj, Panasonic, Premier, etc generally give 5 years warranty.

You Will Get Warranty
  • Warranty generally applies only on home use in normal conditions
  • Works on material defects and workmanship
  • Company have option to repair or replace items
  • Customer should bear any transportation charges
  • Bajaj Brand
  • You have to pay labour charges
  • Produce bill and warranty card
You Will Not Get Warranty If
  • Wear and tear is not under warranty
  • Any accident or incident with product
  • Purchased from unauthorised dealer
  • If you or unauthorised person repairs it
  • Used commertially
  • Due to misuse or mishandling
  • Warranty card and bill not available

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13. Wet Grinder Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Cleaning and maintenance are so important to make your machine last longer. Read and check the following tips for keeping it neat and clean.

Moreover, it also helps in trouble free-running without any need of servicing or rectification.

Always clean with a damp cloth and keep it dry. However, do not use alcohol-based cleaners. After completion of grinding, remove the stones, wash them thoroughly and keep them at a safe place after getting dried.

You can keep the Grinding Drum with batter inside refrigerator for future use, However, i strongly suggest to remove batter to another vessel. Wash the drum, make it dry and store in safe place.

Clean and remove any ingredients stuck below drum or between any moving parts. So that machine runs smoothly. Do not add big pieces of coconut, always add scrapped coconut for grinding.

Some Brands suggest to Grind Soaked Rice and Dal separately, However, I normally grind Mixture of Rice and Dal for Dosa batter and getting smooth batter within 30 minutes. I didn’t I faced any issue with my own Ultra Perfect + Wet Grinder with 10 Years Warranty. Check my Demo Video of Grinding both Rice and Dal.

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14. Do’s, Dont’s and Safety Precautions

If you want to use your wet grinder for a longer time, you must follow important do’s and dont’s while using the grinder.

All brands provide an operating manual and instruction booklet. Please follow the rules and regulations provided in that manual.

However, I have taken out some common and useful Do’s and Dont’s while using Grinder in your home.

  • Keep it dry and clean always
  • Remove Electric supply when not in use
  • Follow instructions in operation manual for longer life
  • Be alert while the machine running with children
  • Keep it away from heat
  • Clean it after every use for trouble free operation
  • When you move the unit hold from botton
  • Produce bill and warranty card
  • Do not Run it when dry
  • Donot use any unauthorised accesories
  • Do not repair yourself
  • Never place your hand in running drum
  • Do not lubricate parts
  • Due to misuse or mishande
  • Never repair yourself, Always contact service center
  • Do not use Alchohol based cleaners

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15. Troubleshooting Minor Issues

While using the grinder you should always follow all types of safety precautions and other Do’s and Dont’s recommended by Brand in the Operating Manual book.

However, I have taken out some important problems faced and the possible solutions during usage of the grinder at home. Always contact the authorised service centre for any rectification work on the grinder. Do not do it yourself.

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16. Spare Parts & After Sales Service Contact Information

After using the grinder for some time, there may be a requirement of some small spare parts/ items that may be accidentally damaged while using or handling.

An important item that may get damaged is Grinding Stone Set. After grinding idly/dosa batter, while cleaning it may be slipped from hands. So be careful while cleaning stones.

Other requirements like spare parts, Drum Replacement, accessories, Motor and Drum driving belt, etc may be required at some point.

All brands manufacture and sell spare parts at their service centres. Check out following information on various brands spare parts availability and service contact information.

You can easily get spare parts from Authorized Service Centers near me located all over India.

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17. Wet Grinder Brand Service Centers Information

#1. Ultra Brand Service Centers Spare Parts:-

Ultra wet grinders are Most popular and highly rated. You can easily know the Ultra Service Center near you. Additionally, you can contact them at

Ultra Brand service Working Hours 9 am to 7 pm (Closed on Saturday & Sunday). After buying your product you can register for product warranty.

Also, you can easily make an Online Complaint about maintenance or service and get repaired very easily without any hassle. You can contact Ultra Grinder Ultra Care at their toll-free number 1800 102 2040.

#2. Butterfly Brand Service Centers Spare Parts:-

Butterfly grinder is within everyone’s budget grinder online. For butterfly grinder spare parts, you get Butterfly service centres from this official website link.

Also, check for Butterfly Brand Customer care contact details. you can contact for any issue regarding rectification or maintenance.

#3. Premier Brand Service Centers Spare Parts:-

Premier grinder is amazing and popular and Best Tilting Table Top Grinder. Genuine Spare Parts can be bought from this Officila website Link [/su_note]

Also, Service Request can be placed online by filling a Service Request Form for faster service and maintenance by authorized personnel. Additionally, easily Contact Premier Brand for any issue you are facing.

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18. Conclusion: Which is the Best Wet Grinder In India?

After going through 18 Amazing Buying Tips, analysing features that can affect the buying decision, I have made some conclusions on which is the popular Grinder in India?

Choosing a Grinder is not an easy task. It depends on different factors. Factors like Capacity, Size of the machine, do you need Tilting or Normal and your budget price.

#1. All time popular Product:- Highest Quality Grinder in India with 10 Years Warranty & Auto Cut OFF Timer

If you need a Most Powerful Grinder with Extreme Grinding Capabilities, you can’t compromise on Quality over Price, then Blindly Go For Ultra Perfect + 2 Liter, Grinder. Moreover, other than all basic features, it comes with an amazing 10 Years Warranty and Auto Cuy OFF Timer. Also, optional attachments like Atta Kneader and coconut scrapper are available for purchase.

#2. Best Selling Pick:- Cute Grinder with 1.25 Liter Size for Small Family

Some people with small family needs small or lesser capacity. If you want amazing quality Mixer Grinder like the Ultra Perfect + Grinder, but your cooking needs are less and have a small family. Moreover, If you occasionally make idly dosa like once in a week, then simply go for Ultra Dura + 1.25 Liter.

Best Picks

#3. Best Budget Pick Grinder in India with 2 Liter at Lowest Online Price

If you want to Buy a We Grinder of perfect 2 Liter Size and for medium size of family-like 4-5 members and you need in within budget price range of Rs 3000, then simply Buy Butterfly Rhino 2 Liter, Grinder.

#4. Best Tilting Grinder in India with Tilting Function

Some people like this Tilting Grinder Function. So, if you want to a Tilting Grinder, go for Premier Wonder 2 Liter, Tilting Grinder. It comes with all required features like 150 Watts motor, 2 Liter capacity, Steel drum, Overload protector, etc.

If you still want to see Other Grinder you can buy, check My Top 4 Picks and Top 10 Grinders. Also, See Top 5 Best Butterfly Grinders in Budget Price

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose a wet grinder?

To choose a wet grinder, you need to focus on various features, your grinding needs, size of your family and budget range etc. However, choosing a Grinder is Very Easy with My 18 Amazing Tips & Buying Guide.

2. Which is the popular wet grinder to buy?

One of the easiest question for me. With the help of My 18 Amazing Tips & Buying Guide, I have made a list Top 10 Wet Grinder in India Online.

After deliberating on this question, I have made a very good conclusion. Check My My Conclusion on Wet Grinder

3. Which is the best tilting wet grinder in India?

Best Tilting Grinder in India is Premier Lifestyle 2 Liter Tilting Wet Grinder. It comes with an amazing 150 W capacity, 2 Lt stainless steel drum and all other basic features. Its tilting mechanism is very good. You can easily tilt it and remove the batter.

4. Which place is famous for wet grinder?

Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is the most famous for Grinders manufacturing due to abundant availability of Grinder stones in this city. Check out more info on Coimbatore Wet Grinder.

5. How do you clean a wet grinder?

Clean your grinder with a damp cloth and keep it dry. Do not use alcohol-based cleaners. Each time after grinding clean stones and drum in running water dry it and keep it safe. Check My Detailed Grinder Cleaning Tips.

6. What is the cost of tilting wet grinder?

Cost of Tilting Grinder is normally at higher than the Budget grinders like Butterfly grinders. However, its titling makes it worth buying. Normally tilting grinders cost s around Rs 5000. Check Detailed explanation about Tilting Grinder Grinder

7. How do I clean a grinder before first use?

After buying the grinder before first use, Remove all the packaging materials. Clean the stone assembly and grinding drum under running water for any small stone particles.

Now place the stone assembly in the drum and check for free movement of stones by rotating them with your hand. Never overload the mixer grinder.

8. How do you clean a grinder after use?

After grinding is completed, remove the batter by tilting the grinder, otherwise, if it’s a normal grinder, then remove the stone assembly and clean it under running water or clean it with batter cleaner.

Now remove batter from the drum and keep it in another utensil. Clean the drum with water. Now remove any particles trapped in motor unit moving parts and under the drum. Clean stones and drum with a dry cloth and keep them at a safe place.

9. Which is the No.1 wet grinder brand in India?

Elgi Ultra Brand is known for High-Quality Grinders and Butterfly Brand is the popular budget grinders. See Detailed Brands Comparison.

10. Can we grind coconut in wet grinder?

Yes, you can grind coconut, but you need to scrape it before grinding. It can not grind coconut if you put coconut as a piece.

11. Can we grind chutney in wet grinder?

Nah, not looking good. That’s not a good option. For Making Chutney you need a Powerful Mixer Grinder. Read My Extreme Article On Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder in India (19 Killer Buying Tips & Guide)

12. What is table top wet grinder?

Table Top Wet-Grinder is nothing but a wet-grinder that can be kept on the kitchen platform and operate. These are smaller, easy to use and runs by an electrical motor.

Moreover, these Tabletop Wet-grinders are best for home use. See Detailed Differences between various Types.

13. Which is the Best Ultra Wet Grinder?

Elgi Ultra Brand makes so many grinder models in different sizes, drum capacities. General Features of Ultra grinders are Stainless Steel Detachable Drum, Conical Stones, Batter Cleaner, ABS Body, 150 Watts Motor, Optional Atta Kneader & Coconut scrapper, and insane 5 Years Warranty.

However, Best Ultra Wet-Grinder is Ultra Perfect + 2 Liter Wet Grinder along with all the
above features, it also comes with Auto Cut OFF Timer and 10 Years Warranty. See Ultra Grinders Comparison.

14. Which is the Best Butterfly Wet Grinder?

Butterfly grinders are the most popular, bestselling, and within the price range of everyone. Butterfly supplies Atta Kneader & Coconut scrapper with some models like Butterfly Rhino Plus 2 Lt grinder, Butterfly Matchless plus grinder, and Butterfly Matchless Pro.

In Conclusion, the Best Butterfly Grinder well below Budget Price is Butterfly Rhino 2 Liter Grinder. See All Butterfly Grinders features Comparison.

15. Which is the Best Panasonic Wet Grinder?

Panasonic is also one of the best Brands. Its products have very unique features than other brands. Panasonic grinder features are 3D Alpha flow technology, Auto Cut OFF Timer, Convenio Inlet feature allows adding water without removing LId, MIx contents with Spatual even when grinder running, and 5 Years warranty.

With these awesome features, the Best Panasonic Grinder model is Panasonic SW-200 Grinder. This grinder is available in 2 Colours. You can check Comparison of all Panasonic Grinder Models.
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