Best Gas Stove in India Reviews [18 Buying Tips & Guide]

Hi, Friends, this article is about Best Gas Stove in India Reviews. Various types are gas stoves like Best Kitchen Hobs, Best Auto ignition, Best 4 Burner, 3 Burner, 2 burners, and stainless steel are reviewed in detail with amazing buying tips. High-Quality Gas Stoves handpicked from the best gas stove brands in India.

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After checking all these aspects, these Four are handpicked in each category. These products are highly rated, reviewed and Bestselling products online.

Insanly Beautiful Top Gas Stove Picks

Top gas stove in each category shown as Best overall. Best kitchen hobs, Best 4 Burner, Best 3 Burner gas stove, etc
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Top 10 Best Gas Stove in India 2020 Online

Gas Stoves are classified based on various simple factors. 2, 3, 4 burners, glass top, stainless steel, Manual ignition and Auto Ignition etc.

So, I have made detailed reviews of the top products in each category. Buy as per your requirement

Normally 3 burner or 4 burner gas stove is sufficient for a medium-sized or even a small family. Choose as per cooking requirements in your home.

You will see popular, Highly Selling and High Quality and Best Budget Gas Stove in each category like best kitchen hobs, best auto ignition gas stove, best 4 burner gas stove, best 3 burner gas stove, best 2 burner gas stove, best stainless steel gas stove, etc.

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What’s in this Extreme Review & Guide?

Extreme Reviews of all types like Kitchen Hobs, Auto Ignition, 4 Burner, 3 Burner, 2 Burner and Stainless Steel Gas Stoves carried out. Amazing 18 Actionable & Insane Gas Stove Buying Guide were listed below.
Best Gas Stove in India reviews
Amazing and Beautiful Kitchen with Glass Top

Extreme care is to be taken to select product which offers amazing service, quality, and safety to your family. Gas Stoves should be easy to use and without any problems. Also, see some useful info gas stove on Wikipedia.

Know each and every detail about buying for your home. Gas stove key features to look for, warranty, ignition type etc. Select it based on your family members and cooking needs. I have made the selection very easy for you with pointed requirements.

The number of Burners is the most important aspect of selecting and are available with 2 Burners, 3 Burners, 4 Burners even, 1 burner and 5 burners are also available.

Important Features to look out?

Every gas stove must have some features which are most required in day to day cooking needs. So, All these gas stoves selected here have the same features, additionally, they also have premium features like Lifetime warranty on Glass Top and Autoignition, etc.

  • Number Of Burners:– Based on the number of burners like 2,3,4 burner gas stoves.
  • Type Of Material:– Select between Glass top, Stainless Steel or Powder coated Stainless Steel, etc.
  • Type Of Ignition:- Modern Gas Stoves with Auto Ignition and Auto Reignition available to buy. However, you can always opt for less costing manual ignition.
  • Budget:- Budget Gas Stove is available between 4000 to 12000 rupees. Buy from your budget range.
  • Kitchen Hob or Normal Gas Stove:- There is another range of premium products are available, they are Kitchen Hobs. It needs a separate article for a detailed review of kitchen hobs. So check my other article about Top 10 Best Kitchen Hobs in India.
Must Have Features
  • Toughened Glass Top
  • Brass Burners
  • Minimum three or 4 Burners
  • Individual Pan Support
  • High-Quality Knob Design
  • Spill Proof Design
  • Warranty On Glasstop
  • Must fit in your kitchen Platform
Premium Features
  • Auto Ignition
  • Life time warranty On Glass Top
  • Kicthen Hob
  • Triple Ring High Quality Burners

What are the Various Types Of Gas Stoves available?

There are so many types are available. However popular classification is based on number burners, Type Of Ignition, and Glass top or Stainless Steel.

So, All these types are broadly covered here and are reviewed in detail.

Type Of Gas Stoves
  • Best Kitchen Hobs in India
  • Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove
  • Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India
  • Best 3 Burner Gas Stove in India
  • Best 2 Burner Gas Stove in India
  • Best Stainless Steel Gas Stove in India

Best Kitchen Hob in India Reviews 2020

Popular and Bestselling Kitchen Hobs picked from Kitchen Built-in Hob and Free Standing Hob.

Kitchen hobs or Hobtop Gas Stoves are Premium version of Gas Hobs with Latest and Amazing Features like Integrated controls, Auto ignition, Auto Re-Ignition etc. In Hobs, Gas Opening knobs are placed on top of the glass top.

Hobtop is made with premium materials and is costly as compared to normal. However, These kitchen hobs will bring your kitchen the most beautiful look of a lifetime and also cooking is so easy and faster.

These Kitchen Hobs are two types, One is Built-in Kitchen Hob and the other one is Free Standing Kitchen Hob.

What is Built-in Kitchen Hob?

Built-in Kitchen Hob is a type of hob which is permanently fitted on the kitchen platform by cutting the granite platform as per the dimensions of the kitchen hob.

Built-in Kitchen Hobs require Installation by Company Engineer.

Builtin kitchen hob
Kitchen Builtin Hob

So, Check the Size of the hob and your kitchen platform before making any purchase decision.

Sample Dimensions for a Built-in Kitchen Hob
These hobs are generally Immovable, once they are fitted in place. Can not move it here and there, this may be one of the main disadvantages of Built-in Kitchen Hob.

What is Free Standing Kitchen Hob?

Free Standing hob means It can be either used as a normal Gas Stove by placing on kitchen platform or you can fit it on the kitchen platform by cutting as per dimensions.

Its a Flexible Kitchen Hob, Get High-quality hob without need to cut the kitchen granite area.

With the help of 4 Study Steel Legs, the freestanding hob perfectly fits in the kitchen.

freestanding hob
Freestanding Kitchen Hob

However, Beauty of Kitchen Hob lies in Built-in Kitchen Hob only. I strongly recommend buying a High-Quality Kitchen built-in Kitchen Hob.

1. Bosch Gas Hob Review | Kitchen Built-in Hob

Bosch is a leader in any product categories and this amazing beast is perfect for your kitchen. Most importantly this kitchen hob controls are mounted on the side of the hob.

All cooking area on the hob can be easily accessible from the side. Moreover, the amazing tempered glass design makes it more beautiful product.

Single-Handed Auto ignition System with an amazing Safety Device in case of any Flame Failure. Also, comes with Sword knobs for ergonomic control.
Bosch Gas Hob Review | Kitchen Built-in Hob

Buy From Amazon

Bosch Gas Built-in Hob is a perfect solution for amazing quality hob. High Quality, Sturdy and a unique design with a quality promise from Bosch make this Buy one of the Best Kitchen Hob in india
  • Tepered glass for easy cleaning
  • Sword Knobs for ease of use
  • Amazing design with side controls
  • Single Handed Auto ignition
  • Flame Failure Safety Device
  • Individual pan Support
  • 2 Years warranty on product
  • Price on higher side, Go for it if your budget allows

2. Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Hob Review | Kitchen Built-in Hob

Amazing Elica 4 Burner Auto Ignition brings beauty toy your kitchen and peace to your mind. It comes with 4 different burners; 3 double ring burners and one mini triple ring burners for a different type of cooking requirements.

This hob fitted with premium finish glass top with one year warranty. Moreover its scratch resistant. Another most important feature is Multi-Flame Control, all the burners flame can be controlled at a time.

Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Hob Review | Kitchen Built-in Hob

Buy From Amazon

Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition is a Kitchen Built-in Hob and fits perfectly on the kitchen and improves the beauty of the kitchen.
  • Auto ignition
  • Premium Glass Finish
  • Popular Multi Flame Control
  • Cast Iron Round Grids for support
  • Ring Brass Burners
  • Quality Metallic Knobs
  • Fine and Slim Looking Product
  • Price on higher side, Go for it if your budget allows
  • Warranty only one year

3. Elica Hobtop Auto Ignition Review | Free Standing Hob

Its General features are same as other normal hobs, like premium glass finish, high quality smooth knobs, cast iron support grid and slim design.

However, there are two most important features of this gas hob makes it unique. Such feature is its fitted with Multi flame control with Italian Sabaf Valves for improves cooking speed and are are also energy efficient.

Another feature is it’s a Freestanding Hob, which means you can use it as a normal tabletop gas stove or can be fitted on the kitchen platform and use it as built-in Kitchen hob.

Elica Hobtop Auto Ignition Review | Free Standing Hob

Buy From Amazon

Elica Hobtop 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition is a Free Standing Hob. Means you can use as a normal gas stove or Can be fixed in kitchen slab as per dimensions.
  • 5 Years warranty on toughened glass
  • Multi Flame Italian Sabaf Burners
  • Comes with one 1 Medium Lotus Burner made of brass
  • Three Small Lotus Burners of brass
  • Very Slim Design
  • Individual pan Support
  • Easy installation because its a Free Standing Hob
  • Price on higher side, Go for it if your budget allows

Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove In India Reviews 2020

Best selling Top 3 Auto ignition gas stoves are reviewed in detail along with the price comparison feature. Highest Quality Autoignition gas stove, Best Budget Auto ignition gas stove, and Best Selling Autoignition gas stove are picked and listed here.

Brief Introduction about Auto ignition Gas Stoves

What is Auto-ignition Gas Stove? In Autoignition type Multiple Spark generated at all burners by a battery and a control box. As you open the gas valves, gas burner lights up immediately by a spark coming from battery-assisted multi-spark auto ignition.

In Manual Ignition, you must light the gas stove by a lighter or match stick. Auto Ignition and normal gas stoves are the same but the only difference is auto-ignition.

Battery Operated Multi-Spark Ignition

How Auto Ignition Gas Stove works?

Auto Ignition Gas Stoves are 2 types, One is Battery Operated Multi-Spark Ignition and the other one is Auto Ignition Gas Stove without Battery. It works on the Piezoelectric Auto Ignition system just like the tech in simple Gaslighter.

Battery Operated Multi-Spark Ignition

Battery Assisted Auto Ignition System Consists of a Size “D” battery, High Voltage Spark Generating Module, Spark Ignitors and a little wiring. These 3 items make an amazing Multi-Spark Auto Ignition System. Moreover, all these components are protected by a heat shield sheath under the gas stove.

As and when you press the Auto Ignition Switch, DC 1.5 Volts power goes into High Voltage Spark Module, it Convers 1.5 Volts Dc to a high voltage and supplies to Igniters placed at all Burners.

I have made a Simple Wiring Circuit Diagram Of Multi-Spark Auto Ignition I hope, you can now understand easily, how this Battery operated Auto Ignition Ga Stove works.

Simple Wiring Circuit Diagram Of Multi-Spark Auto Ignition
Battery Operated Multi spark Auto Ignition Gas Stove Wiring Circuit Diagram

Now open the Gas Knob you want to lit up. Sparks comes at all burners simultaneously but only that burner will lit up, Which you open the Gas Knob.

Also, the Auto Ignition system is of two types. Multi-Spark Battery Operated Auto Ignition System and Piezoelectric Auto Ignition system (Also known as Batteryless Auto Ignition).

4. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Auto Ignition Gas Stove Review

The beautiful amazing Prestige Royale Schott Glass with a Lifetime warranty with auto ignition is designed for better comfort and astonishing look for your kitchen.

This awesome product is a mixture of efficiency and beautiful looks. High-quality Schott unbreakable glass top from Germany with outstanding quality standards will keep your mind at peace knowing that you own a highest quality glass top with a lifetime warranty.

Italy based Sabaf valves are finest and are designed for easy functioning and use. Also, they’re sturdy and lasts long. Moreover, these valves are trouble-free, secure and easy to use.

It makes sure equal and uniform heating thereby faster and amazing cooking experience. Also, it helps easy cleansing. Most importantly, uniform heating of utensils achieved by Brass burners with tri-pin. Moreover, it also assists in lesser gas consumption.

Prestige royal Plus Auto ignition Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

This is one of the Best Auto ignition Gas Stove with lifetime warranty on Glass Top.

Prestige Royal Plus comes with Scotch Glass with Life Warranty, Imported valves from Italy and amazing Multi-Spark Autoignition System. With this feature, this is the Best Prestige Gas Stove Online

The burners are available in completely varies sizes to fulfil all of your cooking needs. Prestige Royale Plus Auto ignition system is super easy to use and trouble free.

The perfect knob design makes using the knob, very easy on the fingers. It’s very comfortable to use this Battery operated Multi-Spark Auto ignition System.

  • Toughened glass top from Schott
  • SABAF Valves from Italy
  • Elegant design
  • Individual pan support
  • Tri-Pin Brass Burners
  • Superior Quality, Safety, Durability
  • Stylish Looks, Easy Maintenance..
  • 2 Years warranty on stove
  • Lifetime Warranty On Glass Top
  • None

Exactly same Prestige Royal Plus 3 Burner Gas Stove Manual Ignition is also available. All the features like Lifetime warranty, Sabaf valves, everything is the same. However, the Auto Ignition feature is not available. In Manual Ignition, this 3 burner gas stove is the best.
Lifetime high-quality guarantees for Schott glass, for so long as the product is getting used. It seems to be aesthetic and simple to wash which makes it ideally suited for normal use.

Prestige Royale Plus comes with a pan assist that provides sturdiness and steadiness to pots and pans when positioned on it. This is one of the Best Prestige Auto Ignition Gas Stove in this price range.

5. Glen 4 Burner Auto Ignition Cooktop Review 1041 GT

Glen presenting Black Glass Cooktops so as to add praise to your kitchen. Strong with amazing appearance and very good all-round efficiency.

Features like cast brass burners, toughened black glass, wealthy black physique and excellent flame management make Glen a perfect accomplice for you and your family.

Toughened glass for whole security. Easy to scrub, resists scratches, stain, influence, and warmth.

Auto Ignition System operated by Battery. Keep on pressing the Ignition switch and Open the gas knob for the perfect and high flame. Sleek black knobs for that good grip and easy usage
Glen 4 Burner Auto Ignition Cooktop Review 1041 GT

Buy From Amazon

With Longer life, 5 times stronger casting, Light in weight, extra proof against heat. Due to its 360 ° degree revolving inlet nozzle, the cooktop movement will be very easy, This is the Best Glen Gas Stove. Also, extra robust pan assist which simply accommodates massive and heavy vessels.

With perfectly identical features, warranty, and parts, Glen 3 burner with auto ignition is also available with high ratings and reviews. If you need to buy a premium 3 burner gas stove with less price go for this item.
  • Toughened glass top
  • Amazing Valves
  • Individual pan support
  • Tri-Pin Brass Burners
  • Multi spark auto ignition
  • Sturdy pan support
  • 360 Degree revolving inlet nozzle
  • None

6. Elica Glass 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove Review

This is very environment friendly. Easily improve your cooking time with 3 burners of different sizes Big, medium and small burners.

Its tough glasstop is very simple to clena and use. Hence, without putting in further effort and power, you get a hygenic and beautiful kitchen.

Toughened glass top makes it sturdy and long-lasting, additionally it beautifies the looks of your kitchen. The thickness and materials of this glass top prevent minor breakage

Elica is gas stove fitted with premium Brass burners of superior quality. Additionally, these consume lesser LPG and provides extra heat.

Other than their attractiveness and better effectivity, they’re also long-lasting.

Elica Glass 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove Review

Buy From Amazon

Conclusion: Check this info before you Buy Elica Auto Ignition Hob. The auto ignition system of this gas stove is Multispark Auto Ignition using the simple D sized battery. The free-standing hob can be used as a normal gas stove and place it on the kitchen platform and use it or use it as kitchen Built-in hob. Elica offers two Year warranty on Hob. Burners discolouration not covered under warranty.

The Gas Stove from the Brand Elica is designed with a Stainless Steel powder-coated body under the glass to keep up its sturdiness.

Another variant of this same product Elica 4 Burner Gas Stove Auto Ignition also available.
  • Tempered Glasstop
  • Extrodinary Gas Valves
  • Pan support for each burner
  • High quality Brass Burners
  • Multi spark battery operated auto ignition
  • 1 Large, 1 Medium & 1 Small Brass Burners
  • 7 Years Warranty on Toughened Glass & 2 Years on Comprehensive.
  • None

Elica Patio sequence comes with auto-ignition function for straightforward operation, you may ignite the gas stove by simply by opening the knob at an angle, then the burners will be ignited by the battery.

LPG range by Elica fitted with premium high quality, easily working knobs that be sure that they provide no resistance when in operation.

7. Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove Review 1049 GT AI

This Glen Gas stove comes in amazing shape to accommodate in less width kitchen platforms. Moreover, its glass top thickness is 8 mm makes it strong and reliable.

It is a battery operated auto ignition gas stove, it works on a simple push-button placed at the front side, matchstick or lighter not needed.

Energy-efficient alloy burners come with 5 years warranty. Its amazing width of 948 mm makes it the widest gas stove so that you can easily cook on all 4 burners at a time with more space in between.

Amazing quality matt stainless steel body makes this gas stove durable in long run..

Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove Review 1049 GT AI

Buy From Amazon

It,s unique wide design is very special and useful in using all 4 burners at a time and this gas stove fits very easily in all types of kitchen platforms. Super Unique product. Just go for it.

  • Wide and sleek toughened glass top with 8mm thickness
  • Smoothly operating valves
  • Perfect Ultra light weight Aluminium alloy Burners
  • Multi spark one touch auto ignition
  • 1 HIgh, 1 Big and 2 small Burners
  • Its wide design is good but everyone dont like it. People used to Square shaped 4 burner gas stove
Another bestselling wide gas stove is available with very good customer ratings and reviews. It is Sunshine Olympic Gold 4 Burner Gas Stove. However, it is a Manual Ignition Gas Stove and price is also very less.

This Sunshine Olympic is an amazing curved wide gas stove with a tough glass top. Moreover, it makes your kitchen more beautiful. Also, its made with extreme precision and smooth in operation.

Do you want to see Detailed reviews of Top 10 Bestselling Auto Ignition Gas Stoves? Then Check this Google Top ranking article Top10 Auto Ignition Gas Stove in India

Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India Reviews 2020

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed auto ignition gas stoves. Here we will see some Best 4 Burner gas stove in India.

Nowadays the trend in the gas stoves is 4 Burner Gas Stove. By using all 4 burners at the same time, you can save a lot of time and use for productive purposes like watching TV serials (LOL)

So many good brands offer 4 burner gas stoves, so I have handpicked some of them. These 4 burner gas stoves are bestselling online and have good customer ratings and reviews.

Moreover, these 4 burner gas stoves are from popular Brands.

However, the same brands manufacture 3 burner and 2 burner gas stoves in the same design and models. So wherever possible, I have given links to 4 burners, 3 burner and 2 burner gas stoves in the same 4 gas stove review.

8. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove

This popular gas stove from a prestige brand brings amazing beauty and look to your kitchen.

You can not see this amazing combo of Performance, Safety and Lifetime Warranty at one place. The Finest German Schott Glass top with a lifetime warranty can be a big asset and make you relived from warranty worries.

The Glass top is durable and will give you trouble-free and safe operation. Efficient Sabaf valves made from Italy are another feather in its cap.

This product offers a unique warranty than any other brand. 2 Years on Gas Stove and Glass top has a lifetime warranty.

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

Must Buy Pic Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove is one of the high-quality cooktops with a Lifetime warranty on Schott Glass Top. Moreover, it is fitted with Italian SABAF Valves. This is the Only Gas Stove which offers a lifetime warranty.

With Same exact features and enhancements, this Prestige Gas Stove is available in 3 burners and 2 burners. Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Gas Stove and Prestige Royale Plus Schott 2 Burner Gas Stove are also bestselling online.

Prestige Royale Plus 3 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

Prestige Royale Plus 2 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

  • Lifetime warranty Schott Glass Top
  • Italian made SABAF Valves
  • Spectacular design
  • pan support for each burners
  • Super Quality Brass Burners
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Two Years warranty on stove
  • Manual Ignition

9. Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove 1041 GT Review

This modern Glen 4 burner Manual Ignition gas stove comes with 2 big burners and 2 small burners. These Brass burners are forged for 5X stronger than the normal burners. and also very energy efficient.

You will be very happy to hear that Glen gives 5 years warranty on the brass burners and 2 years warranty on the gas stove. However, there is no warranty on the glass top.

Fitted with toughened and thick black glass which takes the heat of daily usage. It also comes with Pan Supports and Steel Drip Trays.

Powder-coated mild steel frame to give you that beautiful black look. Its quality is guaranteed with ISI mark.

The width of the stove sufficient to accommodate bigger utensils on all the burners at a time. It also has revolving Gas inlet nozzle for using it in any direction based on your kitchen.

Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove 1041 GT Review

Buy From Amazon

With similar and exact features, this Glen Powder-coated black gas stove available in 3 burners and 2 burners also. These gas stoves will be a perfect fit if you opt for 3 or 2 burner gas stove

See unboxing video of Glen 3 burner gas stove mentioned below.

Glen 3 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

Glen 2 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

  • Tough black glass gives look and easy to clean
  • Perfect quality smooth knobs
  • Individual supported pans
  • 5X stronger brass burners
  • Powder coated black mild steel frame
  • 5 Years on burners and two Years warranty on stove
  • Revolving gas inlet nozzle
  • Steel drip tray for avoiding spillage
  • Only drawback is manual Ignition

10. Sunflame Diamond BK Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

This classic and dynamic Sunflame 4 burner gas stove brings beauty and performance to your kitchen. The reason is its glassy powder-coated steel frame with toughened glass top.

Even the individual pan supports too powder coated for great looks and durability.

Neverthless to tell its high quality brass burners are one of the best attractions for this gas stove.

Due to powder coating of gas stove and sleek glasstop, cleaning and maintaining is very easy.

Sunflame Diamond BK Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

This amazing gas stove from Sunflame gas stove rand is Ultra Smart and stylish design makes it a top-quality product in your kitchen. In this budget range its a very good buy. So, this product is the Best Sunflame Gas Stove. in this Price Range.

Sunflame offers a similar type of 2 burners and 3 burner gas stove also. Check the gas stoves below. If you like to have 3 or 2 burner gas stove then go for it.

Sunflame 3 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

Sunflame 2 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

  • Black powder coated steel body
  • Cleek % tough Glasstop
  • Powder coated pan supports
  • HIghest quality brass burners
  • Super easy to operate knobs
  • 2 Years warranty on stove
  • Sunflame Gas Stove Brand
  • Manual Ignition

If you want to see Detailed reviews of Top 10 Bestselling 4 Burner Gas Stoves? Then Check this Google Top ranking article Top10 Best 4 Burner Gas Stove Reviews

Reviews Of Best 3 Burner Gas Stove in India 2020

Three burner gas stoves are one of my favourite gas stoves. With one extra burner, you can save time and money. These 3 burner gas stoves are less in price compared to 4 burner gas stoves. Moreover, these 3 burner gas stoves fit very easily in the kitchen.

It comes with 3 different type of burner sizes, like one very high, one big and one small burner. These 3 burners are sufficient for a small to medium sized family.

I have noticed that with Square shaped 4 burner gas stoves, you have to reach to the far side burners by crossing these front burners. This may be dangerous if you are using all 4 burners. However, in 3 burner gas stoves, all three burners are easily accessible from front side safety.

Here I have listed some Bestselling and high quality 3 burner gas stove in India. Just have a look at them and comment on your choice of gas stove below.

11. Elica Slimmest 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elica slimmest 3 burner gas stove, its in the name, slimmest. It is a slimmest and designer gas stove with amazing features. Its slim size makes it convenient to use in your kitchen, also it takes less space.

Its efficient forged brass burners makes uniform heating with high thermal efficiency.

It has Square grid supports unlike in other gas stoves, so it enables utensils to be stable on these supports. Also it uses sabaf valves from italy.

Elica Slimmest 3 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

Elica offers an astonishing warranty of 7 Years on toughened glass and 5 Years on Burners.

  • Euro Coated Square grid
  • Sleek and tough Glasstop
  • Forged brass buners
  • 1 Jumbo, 1 Big and 1 Small burners
  • Easy to operate Sylish Knobs
  • 7 Years warranty on Glass, 5 Yars on Burners
  • Only Drawback Manual Ignition
  • Price is slighly on higher side

12. Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Do you want to make cooking very easy, then go for this Budget pic 3 burner gas stove. Easily cook food on all three burners with ease and save cooking time.

This Butterfly gas stove has a toughened glass top which also shatters proof. Moreover, it improves the beauty of your kitchen.

Burners are made with spill proof design and gas stove stands studry when using it. The knobs are very smooth to operate and manufactured to avoid leackage.

Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

It fits perfectly in your kitchen and easy to use and clean it on a regular basis. Butterfly smart gas stove uses Unique Smart Lock feature, due to this, utensils fo does not fall/spill out the liquid from pan supports.
Butterfly Smart 2 Burner Gas Stove is available with same features and warranty etc. If you need a gas stove for a smaller family you can get this one. Its price is very less and its user ratings on online e-commerce websites are very high.
  • Tough and sleek glass top
  • High thermal efficiency brass burners
  • Forged brass buners
  • Unique smart lock feature pan support
  • Smooth and easy knobs
  • 1 Years warranty product
  • Drawback Manual Ignition
  • Warranty is less

13. Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

This Lifelong gas stove is the perfect combination of budget and performance. These 3 burners allow to cook various dishes easily and at the same time thereby saving your precious time.

The lifelong gas stove has enough space in between burners to accommodate all three dishes at a time. Moreover, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Buy From Amazon

It is also available in 2 burners. The lifelong gas stove comes with It houses break-resistant glass for greater strength and reliability. additionally, it brings beauty to your kitchen. Anti-skid feet are the amazing features that make the gas stove immovable and safe while cooking. Its Price is amazingly low and fits perfectly in anyone’s budget.
  • Break resistant glass
  • Brass burners
  • Anti Skid feet
  • Pan Support
  • Eay to clean and use
  • Warranty is 1 year
  • Manual Ignition
  • Warranty is less
If you want to see Detailed reviews of Top 10 Bestselling 3 Burner Gas Stoves? Then Check this Google Top ranking article Top10 Best 3 Burner Gas Stove Reviews

Best 2 Burner Gas Stove in India 2020

Normally people are going for 3 burners and 4 burner gas stoves for saving time and improve cooking speed. So, two-burner gas stove sales are lesser as compared to others.

However,2 burner gas stoves are the perfect fit for small families and less space in the kitchen. I have already mentioned various 2 burner gas stoves above. Just look at them and choose one from above reviews of 4 burners and 2 burners.

Also, See Top 10 Best 2 Burner Gas Stoves reviewed in detail her in this another article:- Top10 2 Burner Gas Stove in India

Best Stainless Steel Gas Stove In India

Stainless steel gas stoves are better than any other type of gas stoves. Don’t treat these gas stoves with less in anything than glass top gas stoves.

Old is gold, Steel gas stoves are extremely under budget price. Easily available and accessible to anyone. No damage in transport or in usage.

There will be any fear of glass breakage or shattering with these stainless steel gas stoves. However modern glass top gas stoves are coming with better glass tops with shatterproof technology and lifetime warranty.

But if you are a stainless steel gas stove lover, then check these top picks. Extremely designer Stainless steel gas stoves with even Auto ignition are available.

14. Glen 4 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove 1045 Auto Ignition

This Glen 1045 stainless steel gas stove is a modern Upgrade to normal steel gas stove. Moreover, it comes with Auto Ignition. Its unique design and spacing of burners are amazing and perfect in terms of between burners and using all burner simultaneously.

For faster cooking, it comes with one Jumbo, 2 big and one small burners for varying needs of cooking.

 Glen 4 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove 1045 Auto Ignition

Buy From Amazon

All 4 Burners placed for accessing easily and this cooktop designed to take care of the cooking needs of a bigger family or small family with fast cooking times. Comes with High-quality stainless steel body with a strong design, so the durability.
  • Battery operated Multi Spark Auto ignition
  • Extra Spacious Modern Dsigbner gas stove
  • Heavy brass burners for durability
  • Anti Skid feet
  • Thick pan support
  • Very easy to clean
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Natural Stainless steel body
  • Its not a glass top gas stove

15. Preethi Topaz Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition

Preethi Stainless steel Gas Stove is manufacture with high grade of steel sheets of 0.7 mm thickness. So, it lasts long and strong.

It comes with smooth stainless steel body without rivets and sharp edges, so safe of your hands when cleaning. Heavy brass burners gives blue high flame and last longer.

Smooth black knobs that are easy to operate and most importantly it has a lighter holder for easily placing lighter for accessing.

Preethi Topaz Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition

Buy From Amazon

The thermal efficiency of this gas stove is more than 68% so, it saves LPG gas and also saves money.
  • Hi quality ss Body
  • Modern Style Gas Stove
  • Brass Burners
  • Anti skid
  • Cast Iron Pan Support
  • Very easy to clean
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Stainless steel body
  • Lighter Holder
  • High Thermal efficiency and Saves gas
  • Its not a glass top gas stove

Best Gas Stove in India | 18 Buying Tips & Guide

Unravel the Most detailed Gas Stove review and Buying Guide in the following paragraphs. Each and every minute aspect of the gas stove is considered and explained in detail to make your buying decision made easy.

Just Get Started with these Amazing 18 Actionable Tips to Decide Which is the No.1 Gas Stove. These 18 aspects of Gas Stove are important and needs to be looked out for. I have made extreme research and made this list.

Just go through this amazing guide and peacefully buy one of the Best Glass top Gas Stove in India Online. The List placed above is one of the Bestselling Gas Stoves in each category like 4 Burner, 3 Burner, 2 Burner, and Auto Ignition, etc.

1. How to Choose Best Gas Stove Brand in India

Choosing Gas Stove from Popular Gas Stove brand is of utmost importance. There are so many popular brands that are making modern gas stoves nowadays. Most Popular Brands actively manufacturing gas stove are

  1. Prestige Gas Stove Brand
  2. Elica India Brand
  3. Sunflame Brand
  4. Glen Gas Stove Brand
  5. Pigeon Gas Stove Brand
  6. Butterfly Gas Stove brand
  7. Lifelong Brand

(a) Prestige Brand

Prestige is the most popular brand in gas stoves. Prestige is even one of the old and best brands in various kitchen appliances.

A wide range of 2 burners, 3 burners, 4 burners, Autoignition, and hob top gas stoves are available from Prestige Gas Stove Brand.

(b) Elica Brand

Elica is also one of the popular brands with latest and amazing gas stove launches. These gas stoves are of the highest quality and elica offers more warranty than other brands.

Elica unit in India is located in Pune, Maharashtra. This state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is well-equipped with equipment, automated meeting traces, and tools imported from Italy.

With a producing capability to supply greater than 15 models of Built-In-Hobs and Cooktop. Elica brand is going to revolutionize the cooktop and kitchen hood market in India.

Elica is all set to revolutionize the kitchen hood business. All the merchandise are designed with the care taken to decide on the material, ensure safety, and save electrical consumption.

Elica manufactures various types of hob tops, glass tops, kitchen hood, Built-in Ovens, Cooking Ranges, Built-in microwaves, Kitchen sinks & taps.

Other Gas Stoves mentioned are also good with ISI marking for quality. However Prestige and Elica are the leading Gas Stove brands in India.

(c) Sunflame Brand

Sunflame with its presence within the Indian Kitchens for greater than three many years has always endeavoured to provide homemakers with the newest in expertise and making cooking expensive and pleasurable expertise.

Our steady pursuit of the true understanding of buyer’s wants and requirements have made us always progressive. Always exploring the opportunity of new designs, applied sciences, options and improvements with nice stress on R&D,

Sunflame has established its management in creating higher merchandise for its shoppers. Our huge community of sellers and repair centres throughout the nation ensures unfailing service and assist for final shopper satisfaction.

It is that this guarantee, and its most extreme satisfaction, that has made Sunflame a trusted and darling family model inside the country making it plainly the reasonable option for its customers.

(d) Glen Brand

Glen is an inspiration from the wants of the discerning consumers of contemporary residence home equipment. Acknowledging the truth that high-quality companies are the one-two parameters for acceptance of a model available in the market, Glen is the reply to market dynamics.

At Glen, the important thing operational phrases are skilled excellence and integrity. In essence, the strategy of designing and growing merchandise is primarily consumer-led and is backed by the unflinching assist of steady Research and improvement.

Glen merchandise is a really perfect mixture of aesthetics and efficiency. Guaranteed for lengthy and trouble-free utilization, Glen comes throughout as a family’s delight.

So, Which is the Best Gas Stove Brand in India?

Prestige, Elica and Sunflame are very good brands, However, I will go for Prestige. Because Prestige has more servicing centres and spare parts availability all over India.
[wpsm_comparison_table id=”5″ class=”center-table-align”]

Service and Spare parts are the most important after-sales issue. So, my personal opinion is, Prestige Brand is the winner.

2. How do you use Gas Stove at Peak Hours

Hi, if you use your gas stove more at peak hours, Like when children going to school and spouse going to office, you may need extra gas burner for faster cooking and saving time.

So, My sincere advice is to go for Best 4 Burner Gas Stove even your family is small. Because you may need all 4 burners at peak usage time. I prefer a Gas Stove with Lifetime Warranty On Glass Top, Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove.

3. Type Of Ignition Manual or Auto ignition

Auto Ignition Gas Stoves are always preferred over Manual Ignition Gas Stove. Manual Gas Stoves are less in cost and fit within everyone’s budget.

However, Auto Ignition Gas Stoves are costlier as compared to manual ignition gas stoves. There is no need of carrying lighter or matchstick for lighting gas stove now and then.

4. Glass Top Or Hobtop

Gas Stoves available in two types, one is the standard stove which is placed on the kitchen platform and used. The other is hob top also known as Kitchen Hobs or Hob top Gas Stove.

Normal Gas stoves are simple in design and kept on kitchen platform where ever required. It does not need any fitment or installation.

Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India review 2
Normal Glass Top Gas Stove
However, the modern Kitchen hobs have amazing premium features. They are two types one is Built-in Kitchen Hob or Freestanding Hob. Freestanding hop tops are different before they can be built into your kitchen platform rather than be placed on a table.
Builtin Kitchen Hob

Freestanding hob is a Gas Stove which can be used either as normal gas stove or inbuilt kitchen hob.

Kitchen platform diagram for fixing buitin hob

For installing the Built-in Kitchen hob, kitchen platform to be cut and made ready as per the dimensions given by the manufacturer as shown above.

5. Glass Top Or Power Coated Mild Steel Or Pure Stainless Steel

Gas Stoves comes with Glass top and Stainless steel bottom or Glass top with powder coated mild steel. So opt for the stove as per your wish.

In my view, in modern-day living Glass Top Gas Stoves are better than the stainless steel gas stoves.

Amazing Designer Auto Ignition Gas Stove

6. Kitchen Platform Space availability

This is the most important aspect while buying Gas Stove. Older kitchens contain a platform with less width. So, Modern 4 Burner Gas Stoves can not be accommodated on the kitchen platform.

However, the Latest built houses and apartment kitchen platforms are wider and perfectly fit square-shaped 4 burner gas stoves with ease.

7. Type, Quality & Number Of Burners

The burner is two types, Brass Burners and Aluminium alloy burners. Brass burners are more reliable and durable than aluminium burners.

Aluminium alloy burners are believed to be less in cost and easily affordable, however, may tend to get corroded faster than their counterparts. They cool faster but claimed to have deformed over a long time.

Quality AspectBrass BurnersAluminium Burners
Look & FinishAmazingGood
CorrosionNo CorrosionReported Corrosion
Difference between Brass Burners and Aluminium Burners
I personally prefer to go Gas Stoves with High-quality brass burners in a 4 Burner Gas Stove, ore over it should have one Jumbo Burner, two medium burners, and one small burner.

8. Size Of Family & Cooking Needs

Choose the number of Gas Stove burners based on the size of your family and your need for cooking. Bachelor can go for 1 or 2 burner gas stove.

If your family consists of 2 to 3 members then buy 2 or 3 burner gas stove else If the family has 4 to 5 members then buy a 3 or four-burner gas stove.
No Of BurnersSize Of FamilyUsage at Peak Hours
1 BurnerBachlor1 Utensil
2 BurnerFamily of 2-32 Utensils
3 BurnerFamily of 3-43 Utensila
4 BurnerFamily of 4-54 Utensils
5 BurnerFamily of 5 or more4 or more vessels
Opt Gas Stove as per Size of the family

Go for four or 5 burner gas stove if your family has more than 5 members. However, nowadays everyone is opting for 4 Burner gas stove So that cooking can be fast and easy and saves a lot of your time.

9. Optimum Space Between Burners

Gas Stoves come with 3 and 4 burners, so you must check for the space between burners. To cook with different sizes of utensils on the gas stove simultaneously.

If gas stove burners are so close then you can not start cooking at same time on all burners.

10. Gas Inlet Position

Nowadays all gas stoves have 360 Degree rotating Gas Inlets. Due to this, you can easily fix it with rubber hose and cylinder based on the position of gas stove and the gas cylinder.

The inlet valve should rotate in any directions with out any gas leak.

11. Anti Skid Feet

Anti Skid rubber feet are provided with all the gas stoves. It’s a very basic and must feature. You no need to worry about this, however, make sure that the gas stove must have anti-skid feet.

Gas Stove Anti Skid Feet

This makes the gas stove fixed at a place while cooking and holding utensils.

12. Warranty & Lifetime Warranty On Glass Top & Warranty Benefits after buying Online

Warranty on the gas stove is the most important aspect. Opt for gas stove with more warranty on the gas stove and Glass Top.

Generally, all brands offer 2 years warranty on Gas Stove and no warranty on Glass Top.

However, Prestige royal Plus Schot Gas Stove offers Lifetime Warranty on the Glass Top.

But please note that there will not be any warranty on breakage of parts, items. Also, the discoloration of burners is not covered under warranty.

Prestige offers a limited period warranty on each and every gas stove. Moreover, It also provides after Sales Service and Support. We value and are grateful to the belief positioned in us by our prospects and their buy choice.

TTK Prestige supplies a devoted Call Center supported by Authorised Service Centers all through India. The buyer can attain TTK Prestige to report any downside that’s confronted with a product, vide the beneath You can contact Prestige from Prestige Service Center

13. Installation Of Gas Stove While you Buy Online

Normally Gas Stoves does not need any fitment of installation by the company. You can easily start using a gas stove by just connecting with the gas cylinder.

However, High-end premium Gas stoves like Kitchen Hobs needs installation and preparation of the kitchen platform. The service personnel will come and do the same.

14. Important Gas Stove Safety Precautions

Use the gas table for cooking only. Do not place any unnecessary and inflammable items over it. Only use LPG gas that comes from the gas cylinder from authorised dealers like IOC, HPCL etc.

Use only metal-reinforced high-quality Gas tube only. So that rats cannot bite the tube thereby causing gas leakage.

Do not use a vinyl plastic tube, as this can be dangerous Make sure that the rubber rube does not touch the hot gas stove parts.

Always check the rubber tube for any wear and tear to avoid a gas leak and prevent danger. Avoid keeping inflammable near the gas stove. When in use, do not touch the gas burners.

Never apply excessive pressure to the gas control knobs. Clean the burners regularly so that they don’t get clogged.

Do not use abrasive materials for cleaning. After the cooking is over, turn both the gas control knobs and the regulator OFF.

When going to bed or leaving the house. If you trace gas leaking, close the gas regulator of the cylinder, open up all windows and call your gas supply agents.

Do not switch on an electric light or light matches/lighter etc. The cylinder should not be tilted horizontally when in use. Also, See amazing Safety Tips from Indane Gas Company Website

Make sure the gas stove is in a position where no person needs to reach over the burner for things placed on the far side This avoids the chance of getting burnt by the flame.

Keep the gas table out of reach of children. Ensure that no appliances working on electricity or any other fuel are installed within a distance of I meter from the LPG installation (gas table. tubing, regulator, and cylinder).

Do not drop any heavy objects on the glass surface as it may shatter the glass top. Do not pour water on the glass when it is hot.

Care should be taken not to hit the edges of the glass top against the wall as it may result in shattering the glass top. Also, See Most Important LPG Gas Safety Tips from Hindustan Petroleum.

NOTE: Do not use Gas Tandoor cooker / Baati cooker or other similar products/utensils on the glass top gas stove as they work on the principle of closed cooking thereby not allowing the flame to go out and radiating the heat to the glass and thus creating abnormal temperature on glass, which may damage/shatter the glass top.

15. How to Assemble your Gas Stove?

Normally all the gas stoves do not need to be installed by service engineers. You can easily install yourself. However, please read the Instruction manual thoroughly before attempting to install. Moreover, follow all safety precautions mentioned in the manual.

I am mentioning only general points here. Make sure to look out for product specific instructions.

How to Assemble
  • Place the package on flat surface and unpack it slowly
  • Make sure that all the accesories are avialble and kept saefly
  • Put pan support and spill proof plates in postion
  • Put the rubber hose into Gas Inlet pipe tightly
  • Use only plastic metal reinforced gas pipe
  • Gas tube should not be more than 1..5 mtr
  • Now it is ready to use

16. Tips on Saving On Gas Consumption

This is a miscellaneous area but it may save some money. Following a few simple tips mentioned below, you can save LPG Gas and also will contribute to fuel conservation which is a national and global issue today.

Save Gas Save Your Money
  • While Cooking Cover the utensils
  • If possible use Pressure cookers
  • Use utensils as per size for amount of food to be cooked
  • Always use Flat bottom vessels, so that more area is exposed to heat
  • Light the Gas burner after placing the vessels
  • Once water starts boiling, reduce the flame
  • Clean the burner regularly
You can save fuel and money by taking some necessary measures in your home. Ensure the following tips in your kitchen.
  1. Use Star label or ISI mark domestic LPG stove.
  2. The pressure cooker will make cooking faster and save fuel.
  3. Light the stove only after collecting food and all the requires stuff.
  4. Use the right amount of water to make food.
  5. Reduce flame to SIM flame when boiling starts.
  6. Soak the pulses/dal etc in water for some time before cooking. 
  7. Use shallow and wide utensils
  8. Cover the utensil with a lid to prevent heat loss. 
  9. Use Small burner to save fuel.
  10. A bright steady flame from burner cooks efficiently. 
  11. Clean the stove burner at regular intervals.
  12. Do not keep the food on the stove as soon as you take it out of the refrigerator, let it come to normal temperature before cooking.
Also, See amazing explanation with good pictures on how to save LPG Gas consumption from WikiHow.

17. How to take care of your Glass Top Gas Stove

Hers are some general tips and instructions on how to take care of your glass top gas stove. The Gas Table gas tube must be checked regularly for wear or leaks. It must be replaced every two years.

If it is damaged or if you notice a leak, the gas tube should be replaced immediately. You must regularly check the gas tube for cracks or any other defect, thoroughly.

Remember NOT to check gas leak with a flame. Keep the tube away from heat, Keep the gas tube clean and the burners clean at all times. To clean the burner holes use a burner cleaning pin.

If you clean the burners with a wire. Please ensure that the auto-ignition unit is free from food particles/ liquids as it may affect the ignition. When in doubt, please take your stove to the nearest service centre.

Wipe the glass top and body With a dry cloth. If it is difficult to clean, use soapy water and then dry thoroughly with a dry cloth. Also, Read the good article about how to clean at WikiHow.

Do not use hard scrubbers or any abrasive material as it may scratch the glass top and body, Wash the pan support in water and dry thoroughly before replacing.

18. Conclusion:- Which is the Best No.1 Gas Stove in India?

Which is the Bestselling Gas Stove in India? What’s your opinion about Best 2 Burner, 3 burner, and which product qualifies as Bestselling 4 Burner Gas Stove in India?

If you ask me about the popular Gas Stove in normal glass top type and without Auto Ignition, then I will blindly go for Prestige Royal Plus High-Quality product with Lifetime Warranty.

Check My Insanely Beautiful Top 4 Picks Online. Also, See Full list of All Top Picks

Frequesntly Asked Questions

1. Which is Best Gas Stove Brand in India?

Prestige, Elica and Sunflame are excellent manufacturers, However, I’ll go for Prestige. Because Prestige has extra servicing centres and spare components availability throughout India. Service and Spare components are an important after-sales issue. So,  in my personal opinion is, Prestige Brand is the winner.

2. Which is the best glass top gas stove in India?

Gas Stoves are two types, the first one is normal glass top stove which is placed on the kitchen platform and used. The other is hob top also known as Kitchen Hobs.
However, hob tops require kitchen platform preparation and installation by service personnel. Moreover, hob tops are costlier as compared to normal stoves. See Detailed Info here

3. Which Brand is better Sunflame or prestige?

Prestige, Sunflame both are very good brands, However, I will go with Prestige brand. Because Prestige has more servicing centres and also spare parts available easily all over India.

4. Which gas stove is better glass top or stainless steel?

In my view, Glass Top Gas Stoves are better than the stainless steel gas stoves. As they bring great looks and beauty to your kitchen.

5. Is glass stove top safe?

Nowadays gas stoves are fitted with highly toughened and extra thickness for preventing breakage and long life. However, my advice is to go for premium brands like prestige. Prestige Offers Lifetime warranty on Schott Glass Tops. See Range of Lifetime Warranty from Prestige. No other brand offers a lifetime warranty on the glass top.

6. Does glass top gas stove disadvantages?

Minor, you need to take extra precautions for maintaining the glass top. some of the customers reported glass shattering on low-quality gas stoves. Normally companies do not offer a warranty on glass tops except prestige brand. Prestige offers a lifetime warranty on some range of their Schott glass top

7. Can you put a hot pan on a glass top stove?

Don’t place heavy utensils on the glass surface as it may shatter the glass top. Do not pour water on the hot glass. Read all Important Safety Precautions.

 9. Does distance between the burners matter?

Yes, there should be sufficient distance between the gas burners for placing bigger utensils and cooking on all burners at the same time.

 11. How much is the warranty of the gas stove and how do I avail it?

Generally, all brands offer 2 Years warranty on the stove and no warranty on the glass top. However, prestige offers a Lifetime warranty on some of the product range. Read full details about the prestige brand here.

12. Which is Best 4 burner gas stove in India?

Many 4 burner Gas stoves are best selling and popular. However, My top picks are
Number 1 High-Quality Pic is Prestige Royale Plus Schott 4 Burner
Number 2 Best Pic is Glen 4 Burner 1043 GT Brass Burner Cooktop.
Number 3 Low-cost Budget Pic is Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burne

13. Which is better 3 burner or 4 burner gas stove?

Both 3 burner and 4 burners are good. However, I will go with 4 burners. Because, more burners mean saving more time and faster cooking. But, in some older homes kitchen platform may not be suitable for Square shaped 4 burner gas stoves. See about this problem before buying.

14. Which burner is better Aluminium or brass?

Brass Burners are better than Aluminium alloy burners. In addition, Brass burners are more reliable and durable than aluminium burners.

15. Which is Best 3 burner gas stove in India?

So many Gas stoves are popular and highly selling online. However, My top picks are
Number 1 High-Quality- Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner
Number 2 Best Pic- Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner
Number 3 Low-cost Budget Pic is Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner

17. Which gas stove is better auto ignition or manual?

Auto Ignition Stoves are constantly favoured over Manual Ignition. Manual ignition products are less in cost and fit inside everybody’s spending plan. Auto Ignition Gas Stoves are costlier when contrasted with manual ignition. There is no need to carry lighter or matchstick for now and then. See detailed Information Here.

18. Which gas hob is best in India?

Various types of hobs are available, however, is you go for quality but not the price, then
Number 1 Highest Quality Kitchen hob is Bosch Built-in Gas HOB POH6B6B10I
Number 2 Highest Quality Kitchen hob is Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top
Number 3 Highest Quality Kitchen hob is Elica Hobtop 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition

19. Which is better hob or cooktop?

Without any doubt, Hob tops are amazing and better than cooktop (glass top). However, kitchen hobs are costlier and bulkier and need cutting and preparation of kitchen platform by service personnel.

20. What is the difference between gas stove and hob?

The gas stove is just bought it and use it and also cost is less. But, hob tops are costly and heavy. Hobs require installation and fixing of hob permanently on the kitchen. However, Free Standing hobs are also available.

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