Best Auto Clean Chimney under 10000 in India

Best Auto Clean Chimney under 10000 in India Reviews Price List Comparison

Looking to get rid of smoke and oily residue from cooking in your kitchen? Yes, you are at perfect place. This post is about Best Auto Clean Chimney under 10000 in India 2018 online.

Popular Brands Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys suitable for Indian Oily and Masala Cooking.

Cooking Indian food gives smoke, fumes and oily residue which is very unhygienic and irritating. This is exactly true for the Indian cooking which uses large amount of oil and spices.

Electrical Kitchen chimneys, known as exhaust hoods or range hoods are designed to draw out the smoke and smell generated by cooking and keeps your kitchen neat & clean.

Choose the right chimney for your kitchen from following Top 5 Best Auto Clean Chimney in India 2018.  

Important Features to Check before buying Best Auto Clean Chimney under 10000

Size of the Chimney:- Select size of the chimney as per your requirement. 60 Cm is sufficient for normal family. 

Suction Capacity and Maximum Air Flow:- See this important aspect of Suction Capacity and Maximum Air Flow. 750m3/ht is sufficient for normal kitchen.  

Lights:- Type of lights fitted. Some are fitted Incandescent and other are LED lamps.

Suction Speed Settings:- Look out for number of suction speed settings. You can control as per cooking.

Manual/Automatic Cleaning:- This is most important. In case of manual cleaning, you have to clean manually in a month. Auto cleaning does it automatically.

What are the Best Chimney Brands in India?

There many Chimney brands are available in market. However following four brands are most popular. Select from wide range of electric chimneys and range hoods.

Buy from from top chimney brands such as Sunflame, Hindware, Elica, Glen and more.

Available in various suction capacities for kitchens of varying sizes. Amazing features such as stainless steel bodies, multi-speed operation, built-in counter lights, oil collector etc.

Following Kitchen Chimneys are fully equipped to take care of your kitchen hygiene, safety and maintenance.

Choose Best Auto Clean Chimney under 10000 from bestselling chimneys such as the Glen 60cm Chimney, Faber 60cm Hood, Elica Kitchen Chimney.

Shop from Popular & Bestselling Kitchen Chimney Brands

Best Sunflame Kitchen Chimney                    Best Elica Kitchen Chimney                    Best Hindware Kitchen Chimney

Why Auto Clean Chimney is better than Manual Clean Chimney?

Everyone know that heavy oil fumes and masala dirt etc are generated while cooking.

These Particles oil and grease gets collected inside the Tray of Chimney. In manual clean chimneys, residue should be cleaned periodically . 

Auto Clean Chimney have amazing features. Auto Clean Facility can clean these stubborn oil grease etc with touch of a button within 10 minutes. 

There is no much price difference also between Auto Clean Chimney and Manual Clean Chimney. 

How this Auto Clean Chimney Works?

General Features of Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney:

  • It has an oil collector
  • You have to clean regularly to remove collected oil residue
  • Cooking oil fumes gets sucked and gets collected into oil collector
  • Manually doing this every month or is a tough task
  • Auto Clean System heats these oil residue for approx 10 mins
  • To avoid any bad influence for clean performance, please do not cook during auto clean process
  • The auto-clean function will stop operating at the end of 1 minute
  • Wait for a moment and then remove the oil collector tray
  • Drain the collected grease into a sink and clean the oil collector tray with a soft cloth.
  • Fix the oil collector tray back at its place by sliding it in the rails at both the ends.
  • Ensure that the tray is fixed properly.
  • Your Chimney is clean as new from inside now
  • Cleaning stubborn oil grease masala residue is very tough
  • I advice to get one of the item from the list below

These are the Best Auto Clean Chimney under 10000

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Hi Friends, you must understand that Auto Clean chimney is not available under 10000. Only local products are available. If you can spend around Rs 1000 to 1500 more, then you have plenty of options. You can get most Popular Auto Clean Chimneys from leading Kitchen Chimney Brands.

I have selected Best Auto Clean Chimney under 10000 + 1000 or 1500 from Most Popular Kitchen Chimney Brands such as Glen Chimney, Sunflame, Hindware, Elica Kitchen Chimney etc.

Best Product Number

Hindware 60 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney (Nevio 60 Auto Clean,Silver/ INOX)

Rs. 11,204 Rs. 24,990
2 new from Rs. 11,204 Free shipping
Last update was in: May 21, 2018 2:04 am

Best Product Number

Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney (CH Rapid 60 DX Auto Clean, Silver)

Rs. 11,299 Rs. 22,990
1 new from Rs. 11,299 Free shipping
Last update was in: May 21, 2018 2:04 am

Best Product Number

Sunflame 90 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney (CH Rapid 90 DX Auto Clean, Silver)

Rs. 11,699 Rs. 24,990
1 new from Rs. 11,699 Free shipping
Last update was in: May 21, 2018 2:04 am

Best Product Number

Elica Kitchen Chimney With Auto Clean, Touch Control & Baffle Filter (ESCG HAC 60, Black)

Rs. 11,999 Rs. 22,990
1 new from Rs. 11,999 Free shipping
Last update was in: May 21, 2018 2:04 am

Best Product Number

Elica Kitchen Chimney Auto Clean, Touch Control With Baffle Filter 60 Cm, 1200 M3/H (Wd Hac Touch Bf 60, Black...

Rs. 12,199 Rs. 20,990
1 new from Rs. 12,199 Free shipping
Last update was in: May 21, 2018 2:04 am

It is an Impossible task to select Only 10 from so many Chimnies. So many Kitchen Chimney with high ratings and excellent reviews could not be placed in this small list. If you want to see more click this link below.

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